Dreaming of freedom? Peace and tranquillity, exploring at your own pace, taking in mesmerising surroundings and truly living in the moment?

If your answer is yes, then a walking holiday might just be for you.


Stimulate Your Senses

The distinctive call of the curlew as it floats nearby. The delightful unmistakeable fragrance of wild garlic just after a shower. The awe-inspiring, breathtaking view of Buttermere from atop Haystacks on the unforgettable Coast to Coast trail. The reassuring, soothing sensation of letting your hand brush against tall grass. The lightly fluffy taste of cream and jam atop a freshly-baked scone….  All five senses perfectly stimulated through walking – surely no other activity treats all your senses so well.

Connecting with the Past

Striding along the cliff tops approaching Robin Hood’s Bay as you reach the end of the Coast to Coast, you can sense the connection all the way back to the days of dinosaurs. Their fossils underneath your very feet. Descending into Easedale on the approach to Grasmere, stone walls rising sheer up the fell-side – first placed there several hundred years ago.

Coast to Coast Way Image

To Walk in Nature is Always Good Medicine” – Jean Craighead George in ‘On the Far Side of the Mountain’

Sucking in fresh unpolluted air, a little glow on your face as your heart pumps a little quicker. You probably already know that numerous studies have shown many health benefits. Improved cardio-vascular health. Strengthened bones. Improved mood and self-esteem. Help with weight management. If walking was a pill created in a lab, it would be worth billions!

It’s For All

Young and old. Fit and not-so-fit. All come through and do the Coast to Coast each year. Smiling, talkative, in wonder to the scenes. Unlike a theme park, there are no entry conditions or height line you have to exceed.

It’s Only Natural

Walking is the most natural of activities –You don’t need any lessons – just open the front door and away you go! A whole world is waiting to be explored.

It’s Oh So Social

You may walk with friends or family – the ideal shared experience where you are all of the same level and pace. Talking comes easy. Or you may walk on your own and meet new friends on the trail or in the historic pub found along the way as you swap tales.

So Easy to Maintain Social Distancing

In the great outdoors and the vast open spaces of our countryside you have plenty of room to keep people at a suitable distance.

Coast to Coast Way - Buttermere Image

Perfect for Creativity and Reflection

As Wordsworth put it “Wandering Lonely As A Cloud….”; you have so much time, space and stimulation that creative thoughts and inspiration come so much easier. In fact, so many famous blogs and articles start in the walking ‘outdoor studio’.

We Have THE Ideal Walking Climate

Sometimes it’s easy to overlook that the UK has probably the best walking climate in the world. It rarely gets that hot you only want to shelter under an olive tree. Yet warm enough to enjoy that beer al fresco in the pub garden. Nor too cold that you are hindered under several layers of thick clothing. Our rain is not a match for modern waterproofs and not as heavy as the torrents of SE Asia or the Caribbean.

You Are In Complete Control

There’s no tight timetable or schedule to stick to. Hover longer appreciating the amazing view from Grizedale Hause or down into Riggindale from the top of Kidsty Pike during your Coast to Coast adventure. Timeless viewing of the sheepdog rounding up their flock. The angler casting their fly into the Swale.

It’s So Easy

Walking in the UK is so accessible. We have a network of footpaths the envy of the world. At Coast to Coast Packhorse we provide you with plenty of information and items. These include gpx file, maps and comprehensive Info Pack. Plus, we readily answer any queries and draw up bespoke schedules to fully match your preferences.

Ready for Surprises?

We all love these. From the unexpected encounter along the trail, the sudden lifting of mist to reveal the imperious Nine Standards. The passer-by who in casual conversation recalls running it with his army colleagues over 4 days. The handcrafted ale we buy our customers in our wonderful home town. A walking trip in the UK will bring you something unexpected Every. Single. Day.

Book with Confidence

Coast to Coast Packhorse, the leading provider of holiday experiences on the World famous C2C trail is operating the most inspiring holidays and services after the covid-19 lockdown from 30th July. New bookings for the rest of the season are already coming in as people recognise now is the time to enjoy the delights of a C2C walking holiday.

All of the accommodations we use maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and will adhere to the guidelines on operating as the country opens up after Covid-19.

These measures include regular sterilisation and deep cleaning, staggered breakfast times, later opening / check-in time (to allow for the more extensive cleaning procedures), not opening all bedrooms, insistence that all guests use hand sanitiser on arrival and maintain social distancing, and removal of certain items such as tea/coffee making facilities in rooms.

Book with full confidence that you can change your trip should circumstances necessitate. All you have to do it get in touch now via email enquiries@c2cpackhorse.co.uk or call 01768 371 777.


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