Yes! We are back in the office – suitably socially-distanced and with all the appropriate Covid-19 protocols, PPE and cleansing items. With sufficient space we are fortunate to allow this without too much disruption.

After over 3 months where we only saw each other on video-chat, it was a wonderful if strange feeling. Bit like that first day at school after the long summer holiday. Not quite with the glamour of talking about holiday trips and sharing photos but plenty of catching up. What Netflix series each had been watching. How the home schooling had gone. Home-baking recipes and craft projects.

The phones, emails and Live Chat have all been busy over the past few weeks as adventure-types, walkers and all who love our wonderful countryside now wish to fulfil their dreams. It is a real boost to businesses like ourselves and our accommodation partners as we look to recover.

We carried out our Covid risk assessment during lockdown in preparation for this. Mentally walking through every aspect of our operation. Interesting how many things you do almost automatically that only when writing down do you realise all the steps. We are very confident in all the measures to ensure very minimal risk of virus transmission. As endorsement of these measures we have obtained the Good to Go accreditation from Visit Britain.

The great outdoors of the Coast to Coast is about as far removed from the scenes of some crowded beaches as you can get. Not just geographically but in the physical sense of the wide open spaces and holistic embracing of nature. Social distance has always been part of it.

Our accommodations have also been busy preparing with their risk assessments and protocols. Also obtaining their own Good to Go certificates.



We have welcomed our first few customers of the season….not a phrase we would normally say in August! We’ve provided the additional info on the Covid precautions to help ensure all our wonderful customers are suitably prepared too.


It’s also been interesting getting back out on some parts of the Coast to Coast that have been away from the local village footpaths. Hence not really used during lockdown and so nature has taken full advantage. All sign of a trail through the fields obliterated. Cows and sheep in full control of their patches. The beautiful sounds of bird song.


All this and so many more delights await you as you step out onto the Coast to Coast whether this summer or in future.


Book with Confidence

Coast to Coast Packhorse is operating holidays and services after the covid-19 lockdown from 30th July. New bookings for the rest of the season are already coming in as people recognise now is the time to enjoy the delights of a C2C walking holiday.

All of the accommodations we use maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and will adhere to the guidelines on operating as the country opens up after Covid-19.

These measures include regular sterilisation and deep cleaning, staggered breakfast times, later opening / check-in time (to allow for the more extensive cleaning procedures), not opening all bedrooms, insistence that all guests use hand sanitiser on arrival and maintain social distancing, and removal of certain items such as tea/coffee making facilities in rooms.

Book with full confidence that you can change your trip should circumstances necessitate.

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