Coast to Coast Cycling

What is the Coast to Coast cycling route?

Coast to Coast cycling route is a UK based biking trip across stunning landscape from St Bee’s to Robin Hood’s Bay. The C2C bike ride is more than 280km over varied terrain. However, the routes for cyclists can be altered to be even longer.

Each of Packhorse’s coast to coast cycling tour packages is bespoke. Therefore riders can choose whether they want to spend three days or a week making the trip, depending on your fitness, experience and cycling style.

Coast to Coast Cycling

How to Cycle the Coast to Coast Way

Our cycling tour packages reflect our expertise. Specifically, we specialise in the coast to coast journey first set out by Alfred Wainwright. We offer mountain biking options as well as road bike options.

C2C Mountain Biking

It is possible to travel between the shorelines using a mountain bike, whilst taking in some amazing sightseeing. The mountain bike route is known as the Tim Woodcock route and includes the following places:

  • Ennerdale Water
  • Wastwater
  • Ambleside
  • Kentmere

C2C Road Biking

Alternatively, we offer road biking routes ranging from 290km to 320km.

The C2C cycling routes include local cycling challenges such as:

  • Honister Pass
  • ‘The Struggle’
  • Wrynose

C2C Cycling Tour Packages

The season for cycling tour packages runs from 28th March to 22nd October 2022. Our bespoke service includes booking all of the accommodation along the route, collecting and returning hired bicycles and door to door luggage transfer. Our team also provide help with navigation along the unmarked route. We provide gpx files for a garmin or smartphone, as well as route notes if needed.

What is included

The price for one of our biking tour packages includes accommodation, breakfast each morning, secure parking and a detailed information pack. In this pack you’ll find the following information:

  • What you need to pack
  • Things to look out for
  • Services along the way including banks, shops etc.
  • Suggestions for where to eat out

Cycling Tour Package Prices

Our prices are per person and are as follows:

Price *
* Assuming full trip
Single Supp£35 per night
Transport HalfFree
Transport FullFree
Bag Transfer£14.00 per move
Booked less than 24hrs £16.00 per move
Transport KS-St Bees / RHB – KS£43.00 per move
(incl bike)
Car Parking£6 per day

Get in touch with us today to find out more about our tour packages. We provide all the support you need to enjoy this amazing and rewarding experience.

Maps of Coast to Coast Cycle Route

Woodcock Cycling Route West

Coast to Coast – Road Cycle Route West – Option 1

Coast to Coast – Road Cycle Route West – Option 2

Coast to Coast – Road Cycle Route West – Option 3

Coast to Coast – Road Cycling Route East

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