As I write this over the bank holiday weekend, the sun has been shining for nearly four days (even if temperature is still more Arctic than Mediterranean), the daffodils look particularly beautiful, lots of people are out walking in the permitted group sizes, the infection rate in our district is near non-existent, and enquiries and bookings are coming in steadily. So, we have a little spring in our step, not just on the calendar. There is a sense of a strong buzz of optimism from all quarters looking forward to the season ahead. Weyhey!

What are the things you are most looking forward to? A common conversation topic amongst the zoom chats with friends, and probably one you have had. We are no different and so here are our top 5 (in no particular order):


1. Welcoming Our Customers Again In Person

We all love company don’t we? I am usually particularly privileged in meeting interesting new people daily. As soon as our season starts (17th May in line with the government’s roadmap) then my days will again start with the absolute pleasure of welcoming guests as they arrive to get our transfer to St Bees ready to start their exciting C2C adventure, followed by meeting all those halfway through, as they breakfast in Kirkby Stephen. The tales shared, laughs at common and unusual encounters, queries about what lies ahead, a few snippets about their life, what got them interested in the C2C and much more. Such delights and maybe one day I ought to write a book!

2. Seeing the Town Bustling

We love living and being based on the route here in Kirkby Stephen. It is a delightful place, not only being situated in lovely countryside but having a strong community. It is usually buzzing on the main street with our wonderful collection of independent shops, cafes, and galleries. Plus of course, our atmospheric great pubs and tap room. The spirit of the community and all these business owners has shone through with resilience – fortunately there has been no closures but of course life really comes to them when they are open.

Naturally as soon as our season starts, we will once again be buying all our package customers a drink of their choice in our pubs and tap room.

3. Seeing our New Car-Park Complete

There was never a quiet moment for us since the start of the first lockdown. Not just with the obvious aspects of re-arranging customer holidays, lobbying government etc but also in running upstream to create opportunities and new developments. One of these was the move to a new smarter and larger office and the building of a bigger exclusive secure carpark on the same business park. Cannot wait to see it full of customer cars along with our branded minibuses and van.

4. Meeting Up with Friends and Wider Family

Need we say more?!

5. Rediscovering Places on the Route and Other Parts around the UK

We had no complaints about staying local throughout lockdown. Not only was it absolutely the right thing for us all to do to help the country bring the Covid cases right down but we are fortunately blessed by being surrounded by beautiful countryside for our daily walks, runs and cycles. In doing so, coming across hidden surprises we had previously overlooked as well as re-discovering little gems. Be it nestling owl, llamas, the solitude of High Cup Nick…

However, the yearn to explore and have new experiences never leaves. In the same way we cannot wait to welcome you here for a special Coast to Coast experience, we’ve new trips to look forward to. Including running the West Highland Way, walking Lady Anne’s Way, and taking part in the Spine Summer Sprint over the first 70km of the Pennine Way.

So, hopefully we all get to do what we have been looking forward this year. Please share your “Looking Forward To” list too and then maybe we will compare notes over a drink in Kirkby Stephen!


Owner, Mark Sandamas


To find out how to book your own UK Coast 2 Coast walking, Coast 2 Coast cycling or Coast 2 Coast running trip or holiday, please call us at 017683 71777, send an email to, or check our website and booking page.

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