Will My Holiday Go Ahead?

This will depend on when you are booked for.

The current restrictions in the UK means it has not been possible to operate or provide holidays in April and May. The vast majority of our June customers have also already opted to defer their holidays to another date.

We are constantly monitoring the information coming from government and our accommodation partners.

At this stage we still intend to provide holidays for July though this is also predicated on restaurants and pubs being able to open so you can enjoy wholesome evening meals and drinks. If this is not possible then we will amend our plans.

We will continue to notify our existing Package customers by email of any changes and give you updates as they arise, before we update this site.


What happens if I cannot take my planned holiday due to coronavirus?

If we are not able to provide the holiday you booked due to restrictions in the UK then we would offer you an alternative trip or a refund.

If we can provide the holiday but you are unable to travel to the start due to travel restrictions, then depending on the type of travel insurance you have, you may be covered for cancellation of your holiday on these grounds.


Can I delay payment for my holiday?

Given the present situation we are extending the timeframe for customers paying their final balance – the key date for us now is 5 weeks prior to your trip starting.


What if I want to change my booking to a later date?

If travel to the C2C is deemed safe, but you do not wish to travel, we would be sympathetic to any particular concerns you might have, so please give us a call first.

If we have sufficient notice we will permit transfer of your booking to another date. If this in 2020 then there is no additional charge, (though it could be dependent on availability). For trips moved to 2021 then there may be an adjustment figure to cover any subsequent price increases.


What if I have underlying health issues and am concerned about travelling?

We recommend that you discuss your travel plans with your doctor. If, in their opinion, you should not travel, you should contact your travel insurers. Depending on the type of travel insurance you have, you may be covered for cancellation of your holiday on medical grounds.


What Happens If I Fall Ill on the Trip

We cannot be sure on what each individual place would do should a guest fall ill / arrive carrying a virus. However, if their previous approach to comparable situations remains then they would be welcoming and helpful. If you did find yourself in a situation though where an alternative was required then we would sort that out for you.

Please make sure you have appropriate medical insurance if travelling from abroad in case you need to access the NHS.


What Happens If Official Advice Changes?

Should your holiday be cancelled by factors outside our control, such as a change in UK government actions, then Force Majeure will apply as set out in our terms and conditions. We are afraid that we cannot accept any liability or pay any compensation for an event which we could not, even with all due care, foresee or avoid.

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