Dear Customer,

We hope you are remaining safe and well.

It has been eerily quiet here in Kirkby Stephen in a month when in other years it would be bustling with walkers – testament to the discipline in everybody complying with the necessary lockdown measures.

The team here has continued to work in adapted circumstances in compliance with the government advice. Although we are able to receive emails and calls in the usual manner, there may occasionally be a slight delay in response.

As you know, Covid-19 represented the biggest challenge to the travel sector (and many other sectors) in nearly 20 years.

At this stage we cannot give an absolute certain date on when holidays and services can begin – as you will appreciate that remains dependent on government. We also would not want to encourage people out if that meant jeopardising the health and wellbeing of themselves, our staff and the accommodation hosts, nor if you cannot enjoy the full C2C Packhorse experience.

In the lockdown period our team has remained busy with the customer enquiries and re-arranging of their trips. We have been in regular contact with the Chancellor – a keen supporter of the Coast to Coast – to push for appropriate support for all in the industry and are grateful for his responses.

As we begin to move towards the post-pandemic period and the resumption of operations and re-opening, the health & safety of our customers, staff and partners (especially the accommodations) remains not only paramount but with a greater degree of precautionary measures required.

These set of practices and procedures have been prepared drawing on published guidance from various authorities including Event Safety Alliance, US Travel Association, UK Government and the NHS / Public Health England. We have also been liaising with the wonderful accommodations you will be staying in (whether this year or further in the future) to ensure consistency.

Once we can set a specific opening date we will also start issuing Information Packs (these usually are sent out 2 months ahead of trip start date). These will include specific information on what the precautionary measures are.


FAQ in light of the Corona-Virus Situation

In the meantime we have updated our FAQ based on the latest information and guidance. We are also continuing to keep in contact with all our customers via email on matters that are specifically relevant to them.


Will Your Holiday Go Ahead?

This will depend on when you are booked for.

If your holiday is due to take place in May or June then we are afraid not. The current restrictions in the UK and in the countries of our international visitors means it is not practical – and holidays for these months are deferred.

At this stage we still intend to provide holidays for July though will constantly review this against government instructions and what we believe to be best for our customers, staff and accommodation partners.


What happens if I cannot take my planned holiday due to coronavirus?

If we have to postpone your holiday due to restrictions in the UK (a Force Majeure situation) then we will be in touch with you to go through the options. These include deferring to another date over the next 2 years. All monies paid remain secure in credit for the re-arranged trip

If we can provide the holiday but you are unable to travel to the start due to travel restrictions, then our normal cancellation terms apply (if you do not opt to defer). Depending on the type of travel insurance you have, you may be covered for cancellation of your holiday on these grounds.

Please note that we act on the advice and instructions issued by the UK government. If you are from overseas and your own government issues different advice or instructions then please contact us to discuss options (cancellation under our usual terms or deferral).


Can I delay payment for my holiday?

Given the present situation we are extending the time-frame for customers paying their final balance – the key date for us now is 6 weeks prior to your trip starting.


What if I want to change my booking to a later date?

If your trip is from 1st July onward and you give sufficient notice (min 6 weeks) you can defer your booking to another date. If this in 2020 then there is no additional charge, (though it could be dependent on availability). For trips moved to 2021 then there may be an adjustment figure to cover any subsequent price increases plus an administration fee of £50 per person.


What if I have underlying health issues and am concerned about travelling?

We recommend that you discuss your travel plans with your doctor. If, in their opinion, you should not travel, you should contact your travel insurers. Depending on the type of travel insurance you have, you may be covered for cancellation of your holiday on medical grounds.

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