• Guided Running Tours

We were near Marske in Swaledale when we ran past a local farmer.

“You’ll get tired with all that running,” he said. The timing was perfect, and as we ran on it was with smiles and the occasional burst of laughter.

Yes, at the end of every day, we would head to bed gratefully after the exertions of the day. But the following morning, we woke revitalised and refreshed. What an exhilarating experience, flying along, light of feet, at a natural pace, at one with the environment around us.

Guided runners travel light, but we don’t have to compromise. There are plenty of photo stops and chances to halt along the way and meet the cast of characters that always seem to be out and about on the Coast to Coast Way.

And, of course, enjoying plenty of good food and drink! Running the Coast to Coast Way really does increase your appetite.

You’ll be doing all of this in the company of experienced, knowledgeable Coast to Coast trail running guides including our Director, Mark Sandamas. They’ll look after your welfare, guide you along the way, manage the food stops, and explain the sights and the activities you encounter. They’ll also carry key safety equipment.

You can also combine some non-running days if you need a break – cycling, taking a lift in our minibus, or drinking in the sights from local public transport as it winds its way along.

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