It was only four weeks ago- but it almost seems an eternity given the absolute disruption caused to all of our lives across the world- that I participated in my first ever ultra-run; the wonderful Oscars Hut to Hut in the Australian Alps (with great friend Chris Ord, of Tour de Trails – our partner who is heavily involved in the guided Coast to Coast Run). Yet in some ways aspects of it were a microcosm of what we now all face.

For many participants, this was something much bigger than we had ever taken on before. Incredibly daunting and almost overwhelming.

To get through was going to take resilience, planning, adaptability, breaking it into small steps and a lot of support and encouragement from others. It also really helped having a positive attitude bouncing off everyone involved, from fellow participants to the amazing volunteers.

The Aussie phrase “Mate-ship” was perfectly exemplified during it when others would do everything possible to help those around.

Like every business and workplace, our world has been turned upside down.

Now, having heard and read a lot of verifiable accounts from reputable sources and individual sufferers (and seen the TV footage from sufferers and in the health services), I am under no illusions how serious Corona-Virus is and I would not wish it on anybody.


All measures must be taken, and tough responses are the way to go, if we are to minimise the spread and the number of fatalities.

It goes without saying that our health service personnel are doing an amazing job, as I know those in the countries of all our customers are as well. They are the real heroes in all this. The hero’s without capes; that are having to put themselves out there, so that we can stay well and safe. I am proud to say that all the Coast to Coast Packhorse team is collectively and individually trying to support all our front-line hero’s in all types of ways. We will all be joining the nationwide applause tonight (8pm UK time 26th March).

Switching to homeworking was quite seamless and the daily video-meet a hotbed of ideas, laughs, plans progressing. It has been a pleasant distraction too for us all hasn’t it to watch clips of people doing triathlons in their living room, singing from balconies and leading morning workouts for the opposite apartment block.

Our customers have been fab too. Despite their world also being thrown upside down too, let alone having to consider exciting holiday plans disrupted or stopped; the vast majority have been really understanding and are deferring rather than cancelling. Not only does this mean we will still get to meet them in the future, but it also reassures the accommodations that people will be coming back onto the Coast to Coast.

The team are currently very busy rescheduling these trips, along with handling all the calls and emails. They are encouraged by the sheer warmth and comfort a lot of our incredible customers have given them, as well as the positivity the response naturally brings -that we indeed still have a bright future ahead, can support the other small business partners around us, and indeed get through this together- as a real community.

As everyone as well – we want to do more. As a start, we have made our vehicles available for local deliveries to people in need. If you know of anyone who would benefit, then please get in touch with the team.

I wish you all the best.


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