At Coast To Coast, we pride ourselves on helping people create a memorable experience of travelling from St Bee’s on the Cumbrian Coast to Robin Hood’s Bay on the East Coast. Whether through cycling or running, we provide a detailed itinerary of all the key locations along the trail. Walking is another popular option, and in Randy Paterson’s case, he found walking the Coast to Coast to be extremely satisfying. We’d like to thank Randy for documenting his journey on video.

Walking the Coast to Coast trail


In the video, Randy goes into detail about the nature of the Coast to Coast trail. The journey from St Bee’s to Robin Hood’s Bay is approximately 320 kms and took him 15 days to complete. While a guided walking tour is available, Randy chose a solo Coast to Coast experience.

On his first day, Randy set off from St Bee’s to Ennerdale Bridge and, as is tradition, he started by dipping his toes in the Irish Sea. Also he observed another Coast to Coast tradition of taking a rock (well, pebble recommended for weight…) from the Irish Sea and carrying it right across England until he could through it into the North Sea at the end of the trip.

On the second day, Randy travelled from Ennerdale Bridge to a Cumbrian village called Stonethwaite. A key part of the Coast to Coast walking package is that we help to set up travelers in high-quality accommodation like inns and farmhouses. While travelling to Stonethwaite, Randy encountered the remote Black Sail youth hostel – a popular place for back-packers.

For his third day, Randy went from Stonethwaite to Grasmere, which is another of the most scenic parts of the route. From Grasmere, he moved on to Patterdale and by the fifth day he’d reached Bampton. Randy spent his sixth day travelling from Bampton to Orton and then arrived in Kirkby Stephen on his seventh day.

Kirkby Stephen is of course the home base of Coast to Coast Packhorse and the hub of our operations, a little way short of the halfway point of the Coast to Coast trail. Here travelers have the option of picking up supplies, looking around our lovely town, relaxing in the great cafes and pubs and doing one of our nice local circular walks. From there, Randy travelled through Keld and Reeth, staying at St Giles Farm near Richmond on his tenth day.

On the eleventh day, Randy took on the longest part of the journey by travelling from Richmond to Ingleby Arncliffe. Afterwards, he travelled from Clay Bank Top to Blakey Ridge. The final leg of the journey took Randy through Grosmont and he reached Robin Hood’s Bay on the fifteenth day.

Coast to Coast tips and tricks


Throughout the video, Randy gives his advice on what to consider when undertaking the walking tour. For example, he highlights how confusing signposts can be when trying to find the best route. He recommended downloading an offline map app that shows travelers where they need to go. We also provide a free Adventure series Coast to Coast walk map book for extra peace of mind.

Randy also advises that travelers bring a pack lunch for the journey between Richmond to Ingleby Arncliffe. At 40km, it’s the longest one-day section  of the Coast to Coast trail, though other break it up with a night in Danby Wiske.

Bespoke walking packages to fit your needs


There’s the opportunity to see some of the most beautiful parts of the UK on the Coast to Coast trail. All our walking packages are completely bespoke and designed to fit your travelling preferences. To book your walking trip, please use the booking form. For more information on any aspect of the trail then get in touch on +44 017683 71777 or email at

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