Coast to Coast Walking Itinerary

C2C Walking Itineraries

The Coast to Coast is a special walk and the enjoyment of it can be further enhanced by careful planning to fit your own unique requirements, aims, fitness, experience and any time constraints. We will help you draw up the itinerary that is right for you if you wish.

Although some people have done the coast to coast walk in less than 12 days, this is only advisable for the super-fit and if you are prepared to compromise on not being able to fully explore and ponder. After all, the views and photo opportunities are timeless.

14 days is the most common trip duration.

If you wish to keep daily mileages shorter or include a rest day or too – with Grasmere, Kirkby Stephen and Richmond the main places – then you may wish to consider taking between 15-17 days.

You may also like to comfortably ease along, have a couple of rest days and explore places you pass through, and so take up to 19 days.

The table below shows you the distances between each of the overnight options.

Location Mileage From Previous LocationMileage Between Key LocationsCumulative Mileage
St Bees000
Ennerdale Bridge5.51414
Kirkby Stephen12.752183
Danby Wiske14131
Ingleby Cross/ Osmotherley9/1123140/142
Clay Bank Top1212152
Egton Bridge2.5172.5
Robin Hood's Bay1220190

Advice for Coast to Coast Walking Itinerary

Coast to Coast Itinerary: Rosthwaite to Patterdale

The long day over some of the most challenging terrain of the Lake District (17.5 miles) can be broken at Grasmere giving you a 9 mile day followed by an 8.5 mile day. Apart from giving you time to enjoy the inspiring landscapes the shorter days would allow you to take in some of the possible route deviations (eg Helvellyn between Grasmere & Patterdale).

Coast to Coast Itinerary: Patterdale to Shap to Kirkby Stephen

Patterdale to Shap taking you up and over the Coast to Coast high point of Kidsty Pike is about the toughest day on route. After this tough terrain 16 miles you then have 21 miles between Shap and Kirkby Stephen. Although the terrain is not as demanding over this section, at 21 miles this is nevertheless another long day. The alternative to these tough couple of days is to route Patterdale – Bampton – Orton – Kirkby Stephen: This will then give you three fairly even days (12 miles / 13.25 miles / 12.75 miles) rather than two tough days (16 miles/ 21 miles)

Coast to Coast Itinerary: Richmond to Ingleby Cross

Although there is a lot of flat field and road walking involved in this stage, at 23 miles it is a long haul. For those who want to reduce the mileage, Danby Wiske offers an excellent break point at 14 miles. For those who have stopped at Danby Wiske, Osmotherley offers an alternative option to Ingleby Cross and is a little further on. Alternatively those not wishing to stop at Danby Wiske but nevertheless wanting to take the edge off the long day to Ingleby Cross, may instead consider extending their day from Reeth to walk though Richmond town and on another 3.5 miles to an accommodation about a mile short of Catterick Bridge (St Giles Farm).

Coast to Coast Itinerary: After Clay Bank Top

There are a number of options for the remainder of the walk across to Robin Hood’s Bay. Blakey, on top of the North Yorkshire Moors, offers an excellent break point for the next stage to Glaisdale. From Blakey you might also consider walking on further than Glaisdale; to Grosmont or Egton Bridge or Littlebeck. From here you can either walk straight into Robin Hood’s Bay the next day or you can give yourself a shorter last day by putting a further break in at Hawsker.


If you require any more information than you find on these pages please do get in touch with us. We will be more than happy to provide assistance with your itinerary and ideas.

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