C2C Walking Packages
Things to Consider

The most important aspect of your walk is the planning. Your walk should be one of the most enjoyable experiences of your life and certainly not a gruelling ordeal. It is very important therefore that you construct a schedule that suits your own particular needs and circumstances and which allows you to walk within your own capabilities. Remember this is self-guided, day on day walking, not a single day and whilst a worthwhile and thrilling experience, it is also a substantial challenge.

Our 2022 season

28th March until 22nd October

Average trip duration

14 days

Planning your Arrival / Departure

Bus links – Train Links

Rest Day Suggestions
  • Grasmere
  • Kirkby Stephen
  • Richmond

Stay up to date with the latest route conditions, closures and diversions

​High Quality Accommodation
  • We have an unrivalled working knowledge of all the accommodations along the Coast to Coast.  We only use those which provide a high quality experience, not just in terms of facilities, décor and food but also their service and understanding of the requirements of long distance walkers & cyclists.
  • The places we use are a mixture of small country hotels, inns, guest houses & farmhouse B&B) that are located on or close to the route (we do not place our customers a distance away from the route). We also look at the entirety of your trip so you can experience the different styles of high quality places and find no two nights are the same.
Car Parking in Kirkby Stephen
  • All vehicles are secure in a locked compound with on-site management
Minibus Passenger Transport
  • Kirkby Stephen to St. Bees
  • Robin Hood’s Bay to Kirkby Stephen
  • Back up passenger transport to the next route location where required
  • PSV registered and fully insured vehicles driven by our full qualified, safely and courteous drivers.
Door to door baggage transfer
  • Regular as clockwork and fully reliable
  • Excess baggage storage and delivery to end point.
Maps & Guide Books
  • We include a FREE Adventure Series Coast to Coast Walk map book in all our walk packages, in our view the most useful map to have for walking the Coast to Coast.
  • We can also supply other guide books and maps at cost (with an additional post and packing charge current at time of order). These include the Harvey Maps (Walk and Bike versions), The Trailblazer “Coast to Coast Path” book written by Henry Steadman – often referred to as the bible of the walk – and the Cicerone publications book on the Coast to Coast.
Travel Advice to St Bees, Kirkby Stephen and from Robin Hood’s Bay
  • We recommend that you have suitable and adequate travel insurance that includes cover should you have to cancel your holiday/booking or abandon after you have started.
  • St Bees – If you are travelling from overseas you might find travelling by rail directly out to St Bees and back from Robin Hood’s Bay your easiest option. In this case your first night will be at St Bees rather than Kirkby Stephen. Manchester is the nearest international airport and there are rail stations at Whitehaven and St Bees on the west coast. Approximate rail journey time from Manchester to St Bees is between 4 – 4.5hrs depending on connections. It is always best to buy your rail ticket in advance – see www.nationalrail.co.uk or traveline.info
  • Kirkby Stephen – If you are travelling by car, your easiest option is to drive up to Kirkby Stephen, centrally situated just off J38 of the M6. Here you can spend your first night before parking your car in our secure pound in the morning and taking the Packhorse Minibus out to St Bees to start your Coast to Coast journey. If you live close to Kirkby Stephen and can get to us by 8.00am – you could drive directly to us, leave your car and catch the minibus departing by 8.15am prompt. You can also travel to Kirkby Stephen by train – it is on the famous Settle-Carlisle railway line.
  • Robin Hood’s Bay / The End of your Trip – If you want to come straight back to Kirkby Stephen when you finish your trip, bear in mind that the Packhorse bus departs at 4pm latest from Robin Hood’s Bay. You will need to decide whether you want another night at Kirkby Stephen before setting off home, or whether you want to jump straight into the car and head off at 6.15pm when the minibus gets back. If you are travelling from overseas, Manchester is the nearest major international airport. Travel there by bus or taxi to Scarborough station (we can arrange the taxi on your behalf) and then by train. Total journey time is approximately 3.5 – 4hrs. If your onward travel is heading north then you may find train from Whitby station to be the best option. This is approx. 20min by bus or taxi from Robin Hood’s Bay. See www.nationalrail.co.uk or traveline.info
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