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For long distance walkers, Wainwright’s classic walk offers some of the most spectacular scenery in Great Britain. From the Irish Sea at St Bees on the Cumbrian Coast, the trail crosses the Lakeland fells, the Pennine Uplands, the Yorkshire Dales, the Cleveland Hills and finally the North Yorkshire Moors before reaching the lovely old fishing port of Robin Hood’s Bay on Yorkshire’s East Coast. On route you will discover some unspoilt villages and hamlets, enjoy the hospitality of a great variety of Bed and Breakfast establishments, sample a few good ales in the local Inns and exchange tales with the many fellow Coast to Coast Walkers you will meet on route.

“Old maps are old friends, understood only by the man with whom they have traveled the miles.”

A. Wainwright

In all the trail is 192 miles, however there is no compulsion to walk it all in one go. You might simply decide to walk half the trail one year and come back and do the second half the next or even later in the season or indeed to just cover the ground that time or stamina permit. The mileage walked per day will vary according to the terrain and the proximity of villages along the route, as well as most importantly, your own fitness and preference. On some days there are alternative routes either using the higher route over the mountains or along the lower pathways. The first part of the walk in particular, across the Lake District, can be described as ‘strenuous’ but some of the more taxing stages can be broken into shorter sections – we can guide and advise you on this.


Map of Coast to Coast Walking Route

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