We are working hard to begin providing our holidays and services from 17th May 2021 (subject naturally to any government restrictions).

We have been in touch with all our customers who had their holidays booked prior to this date to update them with the details.

If you have not yet booked a holiday with us but now would like to consider one, please get in touch or submit a booking form (with a start date from 18th May).


FAQ in light of the Corona-Virus Situation

In the meantime we have updated our FAQ based on the latest information and guidance. We are also continuing to keep in contact with all our customers via email on matters that are specifically relevant to them.


Will Your Holiday Go Ahead?

This will depend on when you are booked for.

At this stage we still intend to provide holidays from 18th May onward (though we do constantly review this against government instructions and what we believe to be best for our customers, staff and accommodation partners).


What happens if I cannot take my planned holiday due to corona-virus?

Following a full review of the PM’s report, it does confirm that any holiday in the UK due to start before 17th May will not be possible.

If we can provide the holiday but you are unable to travel to the start due to travel restrictions, then our normal cancellation terms apply (if you do not opt to defer). Depending on the type of travel insurance you have, you may be covered for cancellation of your holiday on these grounds.

Please note that we act on the advice and instructions issued by the UK government. If you are from overseas and your own government issues different advice or instructions then please contact us to discuss options (cancellation under our usual terms or deferral).


Can I delay payment for my holiday?

Given the present situation we are extending the time frame for customers paying their final balance – the key date for us now is 6 weeks prior to your trip starting.


What if I want to change my booking to a later date?

Given the current situation we are waiving our usual admin fee for any deferrals. For trips moved to 2022 or 2023 there may be an adjustment figure to cover any subsequent accommodation price rises (we are waiving this as well for customers booked to start before 17th May 2021).


What if I have underlying health issues and am concerned about travelling?

We recommend that you discuss your travel plans with your doctor. If, in their opinion, you should not travel, you should contact your travel insurers. Depending on the type of travel insurance you have, you may be covered for cancellation of your holiday on medical grounds.

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