The Coast to Coast Walk

The Coast to Coast Walk is a famous British hike designed by Alfred Wainwright that steers across the UK’s landscape from St Bees to Robin Hood’s Bay. The C2C rambling route passes through three national parks: the Lake District National Park, the Yorkshire Dales National Park, and the North York Moors National Park. The great fell-walker, Alfred Wainwright, who devised the journey, chose a route which showcases the British landscape at its best.

How long is the Coast to Coast Walk?

The length of the Coast to Coast walk is about 192 miles long. There are some variations possible on some of the sections from Wainwright’s guide. Therefore, to travel the whole route, it is suggested to be across in 12-14 days.

The itinerary for the long distance ramble can be quite challenging. Consequently many people ask us how difficult is the C2C walk? By the time you take your first steps in St Bees, you should ideally be at a good level of fitness and stamina. The natural environment can be demanding at times.

Coast to Coast Walk

Alfred Wainwright’s C2C Route

Alfred Wainwright’s ‘Coast to Coast Walk’ was first published in 1973 and there have been a number of changes to the route over the years. Wainwright divided his hike into 12 sections for ramblers, meaning experience fell walkers can tackle the journey in as many days. It is suggested that Wainwright’s route is better travelled over 14 or 15 days, therefore taking time in your itinerary to explore and wonder. Wainwright recommended that ramblers dip their booted feet in the Irish Sea at St Bees and, at the end of the hike, in the North Sea at Robin Hood’s Bay. Hikers will explore some of the famous Wainwright Fells along the way.

The Wainwright Society, founded in 2002 to keep alive the things which AW promoted through the guidebooks, took on responsibility for the Coast to Coast Walk. At the Society’s Annual General Meeting in 2012, chairman Eric Robson announced that the journey would be way-marked for the first time in 40 years.

The Coast to Coast Walking Route

The coast to coast walking route from St Bee’s to Robin Hood’s Bay runs across many stunning landscapes that offer a self-guided walking experience that’s completely unforgettable.

See the map below for a detailed look:

Coast to Coast Walking Holiday

The Coast to Coast walking holiday packages offer ramblers the chance to explore some of the most spectacular scenery in the UK. Every hike is designed bespoke to your requirements, therefore it can last for as many days as you wish. Consequently, you will have a  The season for 2021 walking tour packages runs from 29th March to 24th October.

C2C Walk Itinerary & Accommodation

Our walking packages across the Alfred Wainwright route provide each rambler with a detailed itinerary, which breaks the walk down into shorter sections. As a result, we suggest rest days in places like Grasmere and Richmond. Along the way, hikers stay in top quality accommodation carefully chosen by our team. Each place is located close to the route for maximum convenience. For variety, we include country hotels, inns, bed and breakfasts, and guest houses, so no two nights are the same.

We offer a wide range of tour services and also C2C guided walking tours so you can benefit from the expertise of the locally-based Packhorse team.


C2C Packhorse

Our company only provide C2C tours, as a result we can dedicate ourselves to providing a tailored experience for every walker. We use our many years of experience to shape the tour packages. Consequently, we can help decide how many miles per day a rambler wants to do and how many rest days to include. It also means handling all of the arrangements, from booking accommodation to making sure the luggage is waiting each time. If a customer is unable to continue through injury or illness, we’ll transport them to their next accommodation. If a participant wants to choose their own accommodation we’re still on hand to provide any help they need.

C2C Rambling Package Prices

The price for our walking tour packages varies depending upon the length of the journey. Some walkers opt to complete just part of the Wainwright Way over 5 or 6 nights for example. Sample prices include:

No. Nights
Single Supp£28 per night
Transport HalfFreeFree
Transport FullFreeFree
Bag Transfer£10.00per move
Booked less than 24hrs £11.00per move
Bag Transfer£140.00For upto 16 moves

Then £10.00 per move
Passenger Transport
KS-St Bees / RHB – KS
£32.00 per person per move
Car Parking£5.75per day

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